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WJ-NX300K/G Panasonic  Network Disk Recorder  H265/H264  (By Order 45-60 Days)

Pre-installed 16 Channels Max Expand up to 32 Inputs (Pre-Order 45-60 Days)

Secure communication and high compression recording

  • Significant reduction of storage space usage through H.265 and Smart Coding.
  • 16 ch. max expandable to 32 ch. camera input                                                                          Option : Additional purchase license for 8 camera :WJ-NXE30W
  • Supports H.265 / H.264 mixed recordings.
  • Scalable storage :  4 integrated drive-bays RAID 1 / 5 / 6 
  • **Additional RAID Kit license is necessary to use the RAID feature. 
  • Up to 4x HDDs can be installed.   Maximum  22 HDD slots (with 2x WJ-HXE400 Extension Units, 9x HDDs installed in a extension unit)  Up to 6 TB will be supported
  • External storage expansion up to 132 TB   (Not include Harddisk)
  • Symantec device certificates pre-installed *Secure Communication Kits are necessary.

PC-less non-VMS surveillance solution

  • No camera license fees with a default number of cameras; no annual license updates required.
  • Built-in GUI and Dual HDMI (4K/FHD) outputs
  • Automatic camera configuration
  • Time-saving playback: High-speed(Max. 4x*) all frames playback when there is no motion; normal-speed playback when there is motion. *It depends on resolution and number of screens.
  • Image search with thumbnails
  • High-speed copy to USB storage

High reliability and high efficiency data reading/writing

  • Eco-writing: Acceleration of data access (reading/writing) by original file system
  • Instantaneous power failure measures: Normal operation at instantaneous power failure within 200 ms; safe shutdown at power failure of 200 ms or more.

WJ-NX300 เครื่องบันทึกเน็ตเวิร์ก 16ช่อง Panasonic NVR 16 Ch,H265,4HDD


    (รวมภาษี, include VAT)

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