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Siemen HiPath 1130  Version 5.2  PBX Basic Builtin 2 Analog Trunk, 10 Analog Extensions, Expandable max. 14 Analog Trunlk Line 20 Extensions (Option Modules)

HiPath 1100 Series Basic Voice Features

• Access category for night service

• ACS Alternative Carrier Selection

• Alarm announcement

• Association of caller number with HiPath 1100 speed dial name

• Auto attendant with announcement

• Auto hands free activation and deactivation on key sets

• Baby phone/paging with ext. access

• Call back - on busy and no answer

• Call barring with country default

• Caller list

• Call forwarding: internal/external

• Call hold /park

• Call group (default 1st 10 extention)

• Call pickup: group/selective

• CLIP info in each ext. CLIP phone

• CTI protocol via V.24

• Conference

• Consultation with attendant console

• Do not disturb

• DTMF suffix dialing

• Electronic lock

• Emergency call

• Event signaling (fax, printer)

• External dialing restriction

• External call diversion

• Extension name display

• Flash on trunk

• Hunt group (linear/cyclic)

• Music on hold

• MW on each CLIP device

• Night service

• Number redial

• Remote programming

• Programmable keys

• Sensor/relay features

• Speed dial central (90 x 30 long)

• Secretarial service (associated call)

• UCD statistical software

• Wake-up call

• VMIe - extended Voice Mail Interface

New and additional features V5.2

Administration Features Fax Gr. 3&4 Software Option ISDN features

• Administration over ISDN and USB • 1st attendant de-/activation by Admin • AOC Call Charge

• Automatic In-Service of all extensions • Call answering service • CCBS Call Complete to Busy Subscriber

• Automatic Remote Software Update • Call cost in the display (via TAPI) • CFB Call Forward Busy

• Connected Phone recognition and report • CF from Call Group (agent int. or ext.) • CFNR Call Forward no reply

• D-Channel Tracing • Delayed call • CFU Call Forward Unconditional

• MIDI file playback for Music on Hold • DISA Direct inward dialing • CLIP Calling Line Identity Presentation

• Remote administration with password • Euro file Transfer • CLIR Calling Line Identity Restriction

Miscellaneous Features • Feature ACS replaced by LCR. • COLP Connected Line Presentation

• Call Timer for limited conversation • Internet access (through Dial-up Net) • COLR Connected Line Restriction

Sensors and Relays Features • LED Status display • DID Direct Inward Dialing

• Activation by consultation on hold

PC-Software Features • MSN Multiple Subscriber Numbering

• Relays control and status check for: • CDR (call charge with export function) • PMP Point to Multipoint

switch, toggle & mono-with acknowledge • Graphical LCR prog. tool (via Manager) • PP Point to Point

• NDIS WAN Drv with dyn chn grouping • S0 trunk lines supporting S0 bus

Warranty 6 months

Siemen HiPath 1130 PBX Basic 2 Analog Trunk,10 Analog Extensions,Max 14/28

SKU: HiPath 1130

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