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KX-TDE200BX (Panasonic Digital IP PBX)

Basic System : has 11 slots, builtin CTI Link, Auto Attendant 2 Channels

Max capacity  : 48 Trunk Lines and 128 Extensions (Digital and Analog)

Max capacity IP : 64 SIP Trunk, 128 IP Extensions



A Pure IP PBX for an IP Platform and Traditional Telecom Lines.

Today's offices are shifting from traditional telecom systems to low-cost, flexible IP systems that take full advantage of the rapid growth in IP applications and globalisation. The KX-DTE100,KX-TDE200 and KX-TDE600 can be used to construct a full-IP telecom system, making them a perfect match for these new communication systems. The KX-TDE Series offer new, standard-equipped IP functions that boost efficiency and lower communication costs. They also include convenient and highly effective features such as wireless operation, voice mail and CTI. For companies planning to switch to a full-IP system, Panasonic IP-PBX systems offer a scalable, easy-to-use platform that adapts to a wide range of business fields for future expansion. In addition, these models also support traditional telecom lines, so they allow IP systems to be integrated with conventional systems such as ISDN and analogue lines. Depending on the office environment, it may be difficult to switch an existing traditional telecom line to a full IP system all at once due to time and cost restrictions. The KX-DTE Series respond flexibly to needs like this. By changing the main board in the current TDA series, a new system can be easily constructed. This lets the KX-TDE Series provide optional solutions for companies that want to smoothly migrate to an IP system while continuing to use their existing telecom network.


Key Features

  • Full IP Compatability
  • Up to 64 IP-proprietary telephones and 32 IP-Trunks with the optional DSP Card
  • Up to 128 standard SIP phones
  • Support for the new IP-PT KX-NT500 series
  • Fully equipped with KX-TDA functions and solutions
  • Server connection
  • The KX-TDE series will connect DHCP/SNTP servers and SNMP manager as either client or agent
  • Enhanced walking extension
  • Built-in Simplified Voice Message
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Using a PC Programming Software, with the same method as the TDA series
  • 2 Built-in LAN Ports
  • SD Memory Card 128 MB for Data Backup
  • Multi-site Programming (up to 4 sites)

KX-TDE200BX (Digital Hybrid IP PBX) Max.128 Extensions


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