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Jacob Jensen HT20   Hospitality Telephone 

PRE-ORDER  60-75 days  

Hearing aid compatible handset

  • Single line ( Ananlog Phone)
  • Keypad in handset
  • PROG button – to programme the SOS button
  • Redials the last number dialled and dialled number disappears within 5 minutes.
  • Default 600ms hook switch flash. Can be set from 100ms to 1000ms according to
    the network specifications.
  • Desk or wall mountable
  • Adjustable handset volume
  • Message and ringing indicator

- Warranty 2 Years/Carry-In


Controls and Functional  Keys


1. Customer logo printing area

2. 6 functional keys

3. 12 numerical keys

4. Message and ringing indicator


5. Table stand

6. Base station

7. Handset cord jack

Features Description of the functional keys
FLASH - Flash button
SOS     - SOS button
REDIAL - Redial button
PROG   - For programming

<   >      - To lower or increase the handset volume

*             - Key for special services

#            - Key for special services


Options for Hotel Project : Price will be varied by specifications requirement.

 **Available in Analog or SIP Phone

 **Color options available to match designer preference


SIP Features (Optional)

VoIP & Network Features

  • POE 802.3af
  • SIP RFC3261
  • DHCP, Static IP, VLAN Tagging
  • Web & Server based configuration TFTP, HTTP HTTPS
  • Support Carrier Grade TR069
  • Support TCP, UDP, TLS, SRTP


VoIP Over Wifi Features

  • Connects on 802.11N network
  • Voice priority support
  • Reduces cable and network cost 


    Jacob Jensen HT20    โทรศัพท์สำหรับโรงแรม Hotel Phone (Analog or SIP)

    SKU: HT20

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